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About Amy

Finding Inspiration in Every Completely Avoidable Crisis

Despite having many professional credentials, Amy writes. When she's not wrangling snakes in the outback, you can find her fighting for her life in the American medical system while being snubbed for her many degrees and years of experience that the American workplace has no use for. And if she's not being told one more time that as an adult with disabilities and chronic medical issues she's completely and desirably expendable in a pandemic, she's busy critiquing international finance and taxation policy for U.S. Citizens.

Her Story

This saucy author's backpages include stints in academic and research work, the fashion industry, and the eternal nonexistence of freelance writing. Her roles on stage and screen span many airline miles, from Bollywood extra to Vietnamese-British musicals. And if that sounds far-flung, just imagine what her books reveal! Generally speaking, you can only find her if you're hanging out in international hostels. If she has to hustle one more side gig or lose out to one more Wall Street schmuck, she'd like an axe to the head. Or, perhaps, better policymaking. But since that's a long way off, maybe she'll just get into NFT's next.

Take the Adventure

Her Values

Though many consider compassion to be weakness, or an unaffordable luxury, without it, we can never even begin the journey. Pro Choice. Living Wages. Universal Health Care. A global citizenship that recognizes and responds to the threat of climate change and the needs of those who have been unheard, unseen, and unwelcome, often in some of the richest republics on earth. Above all else, long live democracy and the intellectual, ethical, and factual rigor required to maintain it. Will you, America?
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