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The Petition Is Gaining Steam

But we still need your help to stand up for medical care, reproductive rights, and a better future for our young women.

In a rare bit of good news from the state of Florida, volunteers, donors, and Florida voters are out in numbers to sign a petition putting reproductive freedom on the ballot in the next election cycle.

Unhappy with DeSantis's bans, multiple organizations are making a coordinated effort to reach the required percentage of registered voters. I am one of them, and I am thankful. From mall parking lots to city sidewalks, I have been approached multiple times over the past few months. Of course, I can only sign once, but in every encounter I meet Americans who are some of the only people who give me hope that not all hope is lost.

Even if you can't sign the petition because you're not registered to vote in Florida, could you tell a friend who is? Or blast it on your social media? There are ways to donate, too.

Here are some links so that you can learn more about how to spread the word:

An effort to enshrine abortion rights in Florida's constitution is more than halfway to its goal | Health News Florida (

About - Floridians Protecting Freedom

Voters could decide the future of abortion access in Florida | NPR & Houston Public Media

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