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We Launch The Blog. Should We?

Welcome to a blog post I have wanted to write ever since the internet was invented.

Superblog blogarific blog stuff we blog about because blog, man. If you can't deal with that, that's not my problem. Blog about it.

Okay, cool. I'll never get the snark out of my system, and that's why I write my own creative work now. I'm Amy, just one more disabled adult with chronic health issues who can't stand U.S. policies on healthcare, workplaces, and so much else. How about you?

And in my head, I'm thinking: This photo actually looks like me, am I allowed to use it? Photographer credit always given if I know who you are? What are the copyright issues here? This is probably just the start of getting sued, seriously. I don't want to go online ever again.

I'm Beyond Being Able To Tolerate The U.S. Context

What nation that wants to be considered a global leader for the good kicks the can down the road about climate change for decades? Undoes reproductive freedom for women? Trashes the world's international legal, financial, and taxation policies in a way that denies other countries their sovereignty and claims hegemony over all, then plays political football with that exactly that invention? What kind of crazy place says it has the best of everything, then does nothing about a public healthcare system while bragging about its wealth? And don't tell me your allies feel like they can truly count on you to care about their children or indeed the outcome of much of anything when the leading cause of death of your own young people is gun violence.

Where Has America Gone? Oh, no-- truth be told, where were you, ever?

For nearly 50 years, you've told me to shut up. You've told me I didn't understand. You denied me healthcare, then denied that all the medical reasons you refused to give it to me as such an expensive burden to society were even legally valid to be considered as disabilities. If I'm such an expensive burden to society and therefore have to be kept from any and all care or consideration, does that tell you something about the severity of the issues I-- and millions--- face?

And by the way, I've paid out-of-pocket to save my own life when you wouldn't. I'm doing that now-- and by the way, what I really want isn't some dependence on your systems. What I really want is to get paid for my work and have the independence any grown adult wants, but your workplaces are just one more example of your crap attitudes about those who face medical challenges. You fear us. You fear paying for us. You don't trust us to be able to do the work. You're so afraid to end up as us you can't tolerate one conversation with any of us. You're cowards.

It really doesn't matter the decade. Neither the century. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind. About this and so many other issues. You've told me for decades what a worthless, crazy, lazy, mouthy, wrong-headed b---- I am, because you're so perfect, righteous, smart, high-achieving, well-loved, sexy, and rich. No country on earth could ever be better at absolutely everything, and I'm the divvy because I can't understand that.

What you can't understand, America, is empathy. And that's how countries throw themselves off the cliff and end up on the roster of history's worst. What you can't understand, America, is your own words "for all", which you clearly meant as a joke. Millions have their own stories about that, each in their own way. I'm only one out of many-- ah, another joke of a phrase, carried on your currency, which you obviously meant to mean, "out of one, many" because that's actually how we live. Fractured. Isolated. Vilified. Hunted. Haunted. By the ghost of nation that could neither understand nor change itself in time.

Check My Post Settings

Did I sufficiently explore the sidebar on the left? Have I added media to add flavor to my post? You better watch this one, because she can be very inept with the tech.

Is This Your Closing Message, Or Mine, America?

Because when it comes to survival as either the global leader or the republic you claim to be, it's looking like closing time. And as for my critique of you-- we haven't even started. Medically viable and employable to you or not-- and it's always been "not"-- I'll scream justice 'til I die, since that's all I got.

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