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You taught her basic literacy.
She's taken it way too far.

The world's gone mad.  She's gone madder.  From jobpocalpyse to the ongoing crisis of healthcare, this accidental and deeply appalled American rages her way through two years of life-ending travesty. From lockdown to war, follow a freefalling freelancer with no hope left as she crafts international plans for the shores of a different republic. Explore the world as you never have before-- if you dare-- in a mash-up of "interviews", poetry, and stand-up routines in  Almost Over, Never Done: A Reluctant American's Pandemic Tragicomedy

Short Story Sample

Though it's written in a very different style than my satirical pandemic memoir, this short story deals with some of the same content and times.

Feel free to have a read or download, for free, to get a sense of me both as a person and an author. 

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Her First Book Will Likely Be Her Last Stand!

Meet Amy, Amy, and some omniscient narrator who sounds suspiciously like Amy.

At least one of them is fed up with the ongoing chronicle of American dissent and descent. From laughably-named "healthcare" to the uselessness of college degrees, she's taking aim at the edge of the American dream with a gonzo journalist exposé of...herself.

Boomeranging through policy measures and non sequiturs with an equal lack of tact, Amy hatches escape plans while attempting to oxygenate her way through a maze of paperwork and globally-relevant microbes in her quest to break up with America for good as it breaks itself apart from within.

Pack a library in your luggage and brace yourself for tart answers to typical questions as you journey through the pandemic with a self-published rogue who's unlikely to survive it all.

Computer Keyboard

If you are entertained thus far...

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