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Want to talk?

       We could chat about current affairs, the self-publishing industry, or crafting the laughs from a world of pain. 

Colorful Books


Got a project or promotion you're working on?

Looking for a guest speaker or blogger

for your niche audience?

Or, are you busy, burnt out, and ready to write

your next adventure?

Are there stories you need to share,

or fellow travelers you need to find for the road ahead?

Colorful Books
Library Bookshelves

Subject Matter

  • What's on your mind, in your heart, and needs to be alive in the world for you to feel alive?

  • Why did you take the health or career journey you're on?

  • What prompted you to relocate?

  • How did relationships change for you in the global shifts of recent years?

  • What's your personal area of expertise versus your professional area of expertise?

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